Thursday, 28 June 2012


Nowadays there is a huge amount of resources and services 
that are readily available to tenants. Amongst these are Shelter, 
Legal Aid, Councils themselves, and Citizens Advice that are 
able and willing to assist the tenant’s “plight”. They have staff 
who are familiar with Tenant Landlord Law and will happily 
inform the tenants of their rights. In some cases, eviction is 
further delayed because innocent mistakes the Landlord has 
made are exploited for the tenants' benefit. Sometimes Tenants 
are incited to make accusations – such as the property is in disrepair, 
harassment, non-compliance with deposit protection process etc. 
In such circumstance, evictions may become a complicated court 
case and eviction can be delayed for months In this section we 
include possible steps that you can take to improve your situation 
to resolve rent arrears problems and to achieve a successful eviction.

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