Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rent Arrears Letters

It is only once the Tenant has failed to remedy the situation 
highlighted in your rent arrears letters that can you issue a 
valid legal Section 8 Notice.
Should the situation not be remedied 

ONLY then can you proceed with court action.

Where a Tenant is in rent arrears you have a legal obligation to 
provide them and if applicable guarantors, with a statement of 
account. (Section 47 Landlord Tenant Act)

Sending rent arrears letters is a requirement of the civil procedure 
55 this is the Judicial system Judges MUST follow when dealing with 
Tenant eviction.

In Molyneax-Child-v-Coe 1996 at Guildford County Court, a landlord 
who faxed a letter to his tenant at work about rent arrears had to pay 
£750 damages.

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