Thursday, 13 September 2012

Professional Tenancy Agreement

This is a straight forward Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) for letting a property in England and Wales, suitable for houses, flats and apartments.

A Tenancy Agreement is a very important legal contract, which you should keep safe. It outlines your rights and responsablitiles as a landlord and a tenant. 

 - Straight foward and professional standard -
 - Comprehensive ten page up to date document -

- A blank section to include your own specific terms and conditions -

 - Two ready-to-complete assured shorthold tenancy agreements, one for the landlord and one for the tenant -

The document can also be sent electronically if requested, saving time and allowing you to use the document again and again...

Your tenancy agreement will cover all the important issues, including: Rental amount, frequency of rental payments, tenant(s) deposit, tenant(s) obligation to keep the property in a satisfactory manner and state of repair, landlord's obligation to insure the property, what happens at the end of the tenancy.

Please note -  whilst these documents are regularly updated to comply with statutory regulations, we accept no liability for any losses incurred due to their purchase and use, If you are unsure of your obligations under this agreement, then you are advised to take independent legal advice before signing

Cost of the complete document is £6.50 in paper form 
and £4.50 if sent by email to your computer.

 We accept payment only by PayPal and ship to you within 24 hours on receipt of payment.


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